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Things you need to know - Melbourne is the best city in the world, music is what keeps me going and yet it's what brings me down. I want to travel more and worry much less.


In english, we say “shut the fuck up” but in spanish they say “cierra la boca puta” which translates to shut your bitch mouth and i think thats beautiful

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An accurate representation of my social skills

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I am far from perfect. I don’t always eat enough, or the “right” things. I’m not always kind to myself. I don’t always practice what I preach. But I try. I really do try. And that’s why I’m posting this. So that I can look at the picture of me from tonight and see that even though I’m exhausted and worn-down (and spacing out, lol) from a long week and lack of sleep, I still look a thousand times better than the picture on the left. I was absolutely miserable when I took that photo. No energy, no appetite, no will to do anything except collapse on the couch after class. I had to cut time with friends short because I was just too tired. Nothing was as pretty or felt as good or tasted good. I’m typing this out to remind myself of how awful it was. Because sometimes I forget. And I hate that I forget. I hate that some days, I care more about the fact that my jeans are getting snug than I do about how much more alive I feel now. It’s stupid. It’s proof that even for someone like me who has never had an eating disorder, weight fluctuation can mess with your head big time. I don’t want to blame everything on “society” or the media, but it would be total bullshit for me to say that the feelings I have about my body now aren’t partly influenced by what’s been ingrained in me as I grew up. Did I feel pretty when I was smaller? Sometimes. But mostly I felt sick. And tired. And dizzy. And miserable. Now? I feel like those commercials for allergy medicine where they peel the film off the world and suddenly everything is brighter and clearer. I feel more aware of everything. My creativity has returned where before it was totally dead. I can concentrate on reading a book or listening to people speak. I actually talk to people and have made a few new friends. I feel up to going out and doing things at the end of the day instead of just collapsing in a heap. I feel happy. Truly happy. And that is worth a thousand—no, a million times more than unhealthy, anxiety-induced weight loss. 

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Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

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being famous must be so hard they probably have to shave their legs like everyday

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